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Udruga ljubitelja Zvjezdanih Staza

James T. Kirk Bourbon Whiskey Ready to Beam Up

We’ll drink to this… James T. Kirk Straight Bourbon Whiskey is available today, courtesy of Silver Screen Bottling Company. In fact, the Kirk Whiskey will launch Silver Screen Bottling Company’s new line of Star Trek-branded spirits. Captain Kirk is known for his bold spirit of adventure, and that’s precisely what the artisan, small-batch bourbon celebrates.…
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The Sound of Their Voices

“When you’re on camera, even though you try to lose yourself in the character, you are aware that there is a camera there capturing every moment of it visually. With doing a voiceover job, you are worried about the sound of it, and you have to make all those visual colors come out with your…
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William Shatner’s Favorite Jacket

I love Starfleet uniforms. I know, it’s shocking right? With over 50 years of Star Trek, and a myriad of uniforms used throughout the Starfleet’s “history.” it’s hard to play favorites. I love ‘em all, from TOS to Discovery, there’s something to love about all of them… mostly. (I’m looking at you, Voyager Racing Uniform).…
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Trek Directors’ School: Jonathan Frakes

When it comes to the unofficial Star Trek Directors’ School, Jonathan Frakes is the poster boy, as he served as its first student and set the bar for all Trek actors-turned-directors who followed him. He ultimately called the shots on 15 episodes of Trek, spanning The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and Discovery, as…
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Alex Kurtzman Inks New 5-Year Deal With CBS; New Series, Content… And A Possible TNG Reboot?

CBS Television Studios announced today that they have signed an extension to Alex Kurtzman’s current production agreement through 2023. That new deal will give CBS exclusive rights to produce all television content created and developed by Kurtzman and his Secret Hideout production company. Interestingly, the press release notes that Kurtzman will supervise the expansion of…
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STAR TREK: DISCOVERY Showrunners Berg & Harberts Out, Kurtzman To Take Over

Aaron Harberts and Gretchen Berg are out as showrunners on Star Trek: Discovery and Alex Kurtzman is set to take over as the sole showrunner for the series’ second season. As confirmed by Deadline, the duo of Harberts and Berg will exit the series, with sources saying there were no creative problems, but more of…
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WATCH: Patrick Stewart Hints At Possible Star Trek: DISCOVERY Role

Patrick Stewart hasn’t played the role of Captain Jean Luc-Picard since the 2002 film Star Trek: Nemesis. That could all change in the very near future as the rumor mill has been churning with a possible guest starring role for the 77-year-old actor on the latest iteration of the franchise, Star Trek: Discovery. When asked…
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Star Trek: The Motion Picture Poster Is Getting a Limited Edition Release

The iconic artwork for Star Trek: The Motion Picture by artist Bob Peak is being licensed and released by Iconic LE Prints on Friday, as limited edition screen prints. The 24” x 36” card stock prints will be available in a regular edition, limited to 100, with the Star Trek: The Motion Picture logo and…
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[REVIEW] ‘The Toys That Made Us’ Delves Into the History of Star Trek Toys

When the Netflix documentary series The Toys That Made Us premiered in December, I was hooked. So, when I heard that more episodes were on their way and one of them was about Star Trek, I was ecstatic. While the end result is good and certainly worth your time, it’s not the unequivocal success that…
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Mjesečni program za srpanj 2017.

04.07.2017. Utorak, Jakšićeva 29a – Radni dogovor o izgledu web stranice Udruge, od 19:00h 18.07.2017. Utorak, Jakšićeva 29a – Inkubator ideja za dovršavanje strategije Udruge, od 19:30h 25.07.2017. Utorak, Jakšićeva 29a – Projekcija prigodom 20. obljetnice Star Gate-a (detalji naknadno)