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[#STLV] Jason Isaacs Ruffles William Shatner’s Feathers at Star Trek Las Vegas

When Star Trek: Discovery actor Jason Isaacs took the stage at Star Trek Las Vegas on Thursday, he decided to shake up the standard moderator-interviewee in chairs model and fly solo — just a man and a mic facing the convention attendees mano-a-Trekkers. One topic he discussed, however, does have Original Series star William Shatner…
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[#STLV] Star Trek’s Top Ten Space Animals Ranked

Star Trek Las Vegas Audience Ranks Star Trek’s 10 Best “Space Animals” First things first, what determines a “space animal?” The Mugato is a gorilla-like beast that proudly displays a thick white pelt, a gnarly horn pointing skyward from its forehead, and packs a savage row of serrated teeth tipped with venom. Seems like a…
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[#STLV] Brent Spiner and Joe Piscopo Discuss TNG’s “Outrageous Okona”

Star Trek is like a cultural space station not unlike the Deep Space Nine. It is a hub through which all other popular culture is connected. Even non-Trekkies who’ve never seen a minute of any of the six live-action series know who Spock is and have attempted a Vulcan salute on at least one occasion.…
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