WATCH: Picardo’s Planetary Post 2018 Highlights

Udruga ljubitelja Zvjezdanih Staza

WATCH: Picardo’s Planetary Post 2018 Highlights

Hello, readers:

We had a very busy year in space! Today, I take a look at some of our favorite moments from The Planetary Post in 2018… featuring Bill Nye, Emily Lakdawalla, Seth MacFarlane, Bruce Betts, LightSail 2, Robots in Antarctica, and more! My personal fave? Seeing the Mars InSight Lander up close in the clean room, knowing that is now safely landed and working away on the Red Planet. The cool things you get to see as a Planetary Post watcher! Best wishes for a great holiday — and please join us in 2019 for more.

To learn more about the Planetary Society, go to And just tell them The Doctor sent you!

Robert Picardo

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